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              Great Reads

              by Tim Smith
              Color picker control for WTL applications including optional support for XP themes
              by AlanW
              A WTL tree control that supports Windows Vista style selection and multiple selection.
              by PrafullaT
              This is a toolbar for the Internet Explorer which shows information from RSS taken from the Internet.
              by Less Wright
              This article will show you how to make use of WTL’s DDX/DDV implementation using a real world example.

              Latest Articles

              by Pablo Aliskevicius
              A mix-in class to change the appearance of a dialog, by handling WM_CTLCOLOR* messages, with five lines of code.
              by Adam Wojnar
              Tips for VC++ 2010 Express users on 64bit Windows.
              by Adam Wojnar
              A complete log viewer written in C++/WTL.
              by Yvan Rodrigues
              How to install the WTL Wizard for Visual Studio 2010.


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