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              Great Reads

              by Jonathan Cardy
              Account of why and how I have written an open-source library for caching Redis data within a .NET client.
              by Hrvoje Batrnek
              Easy and seamless caching implementation of any virtual method in any class
              by Gerardo Recinto
              Virtualization of RAM & Disk for high-speed, low-footprint & scalable data caching
              by Alexander Turlov
              The Web API framework has a number of support objects that simplify the job.

              Latest Articles

              by Joydip Kanjilal
              Take advantage of NCache to synchronize cache with the database in your applications
              by Martin Vorbrodt
              L1 cache lines
              by Prasoon Madnawat
              This articles describes how to write a caching solution using Redis on .NET platform.
              by Sibeesh Passion
              How to use caching in Web API


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              by on tip/trick "Syrilium.Caching"
              by on tip/trick "Syrilium.Caching"
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