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              Windows Security

              Great Reads

              by John Atten
              How to use SSH to access a Linux machine from Windows
              by joseangelmt
              We are going to enable your application to write entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, elevating your application when necessary.
              by nick.p.everdox
              Working alongside Windows KPP (patchguard) and hooking system services.
              by jan.mach71
              A small tool listing Administrators group members recursively using the ActiveDS library.

              Latest Articles

              by Michael Chourdakis
              A standard-compliant library for secure signing
              by Gordon Beeming (RSA)
              How to connect Agents to TFS using Integrated Security on HTTP from external domain
              by Tadit Dash (????? ????? ???)
              SourceTree Issue: The Mercurial team strongly encourages all users to upgrade to 3.7.3 due to security vulnerability
              by Snorri Kristjansson
              Active Directory change auditing solution. A Windows Service that stores selected AD change events from the Security log of all Domain Controllers to an SQL database.


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