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              Desktop Development » Splitter Windows

              Splitter Windows

              Great Reads

              by jqwidgets
              jQuery splitter
              by Robert A. T. K√°ldy
              A splitter window class, which combines the basic CSplitterWnd functionality and professional look with the ability to use CWnd-derived panes
              by Stephane Routelous
              A tutorial that shows how to automatically split a view, and also how to indicate which view has the focus
              by Rob Manderson
              Disabling mouse input to a splitter window

              Latest Articles

              by Alexander Atamas
              A splitter control derived from CStatic for dialog controls, and that can be used not only within the restricted splitter pane.
              by libbyliugang
              A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position
              by shahidul.haq
              A WPF custom control for grouping data similar to build-in expander
              by Ed Gadziemski
              A collapsible split container control for Windows Forms


              by on tip/trick "Custom Expander Control for WPF"
              by on Another splitter control for dialog
              by on Simple splitter with CWnd-derived panes
              by on article " Collapsible Split Container"

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