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              Desktop Development » Shell and IE programming

              Shell and IE programming

              Great Reads

              by Michael Dunn
              A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.
              by Michael Dunn
              A tutorial on using owner-drawn menus in a context menu shell extensions, and on making a context menu extension that responds to a right-click in a directory background.
              by Dave Kerr
              Create Shell Icon Overlay Handlers using .NET!
              by Stephane Rodriguez.
              This article demonstrates how to automate IE's Save As functionality

              Latest Articles

              by Gaurang Majithiya
              This is very common error and error it self says that execution of any script on this system is disabled and usually you get this error when you run any PowerShell script first time on any computer.
              by h_wiedey
              Using file name databases on MacOS Unix
              by h_wiedey
              Organize files by using Unix find on MacOS
              by Deepak_Sharma_20
              empty recycle bin


              by on article ".NET Shell Extensions - Shell Preview...
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              by on tip/trick "Error "Execution of scripts is...
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