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              Great Reads

              by Marc Clifton
              An opinionated look at our trade
              by Marc Clifton
              A somewhat lightweight article, that covers some issues that we should all be conscious of when reworking prototype code (and deciding whether to rework prototype code!) with a case study.
              by Marc Clifton
              Three algorithms are presented -- iterative, recursive yield, and recursive step-and-continue, with a real time and interactive UI of the solving process and solution.
              by Marc Clifton
              Not very classy in C#, but pretty classy in F#.

              Latest Articles

              by Sergey Morenko
              Guide: How to prepare for a coding interview
              by Pusparag Subudhi
              A generic implementation to exporting a list of objects to Excel using Microsoft Office Interop libraries
              by Dave Kerr
              Tips for CKA Certification
              by oproot
              Kicking off and monitoring long-running Azure logic app workflows with Powershell


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