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              Algorithms & Recipes

              Great Reads

              by C├ęsar de Souza
              The Hidden Conditional Random Field - or why discriminative learning is also an option.
              by Petr Ivankov
              Sample of integration of branches of engineering.
              by Darko Juri?
              SIR Particle Filter brief tutorial with samples in C#
              by AmirAslan Haghrah
              Implementing a very simple Backpropagation Neural Network algorithm to approximate f(x) = sin(x) using C++

              Latest Articles

              by CPallini
              Fast integer square root computation in 8051 assembly
              by IgorRadionyuk
              An iterator over parametric function, which is a well known mathematical abstraction: Parametric Function. It maps diapason of real numbers[start, stop] to some values in the range of function.
              by Patrice T
              Using a large list of primes with Trial Division algorithm and how to handle the list
              by Patrice T
              Small review of Trial Division algorithm


              by on tip/trick "Fast Integer Square Root For 8051"
              by on tip/trick "Drawing a Tree"
              by on tip/trick "Drawing a Tree"
              by on article "Integer Factorization: Dreaded list...

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