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              Office Development

              Great Reads

              by Mario Z
              Pure .NET solution for performing find and replace text on Word documents (DOCX file format).
              by Waleed Elkot
              Reading text from any image using Microsoft Office 2007 OCR
              by bollwerkj
              This article shows you how I got Excel to work using C++/CLI in a Windows Forms Application
              by Magyar András
              How to create Office 2013 style splash screen for Windows Forms

              Latest Articles

              by Leo Chapiro
              Outlook AddOn to store the attachments in the file system
              by YawerIqbal
              Query data from a CDS entity and use Knockout to bind it in a model-driven app web resource
              by Igor Krupitsky
              How to merge multiple Excel files into one with the help of VB script
              by Saket Pawar
              How to delete headers/certain strings in rows from your Excel file


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