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              Great Reads

              by Daniel Vaughan
              Create best-in-breed cross-platform MVVM apps using Calcium for Xamarin.Forms.
              by PavolSatala
              How to create an air hockey game for one player against the artificial intelligence for three mobile platforms with only one code?
              by Steve Naidamast
              “Agile Development” – The Software Industry’s New Meme
              by Giannakakis Kostas
              Port your libgdx games to run in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms

              Latest Articles

              by Ana Carolina Zambon
              How to consume authorized back-end services while transparently handling refresh token renewals
              by Arcadenut
              How to implement Push Notifications via Azure Templates in Xamarin
              by DRappJr
              Allow picker to show selected item by a bound ID such as by key/value list choices
              by Sergey Grybniak
              Find out how to easily create a single-page application using Sapper, Svelte and Prisma


              by on article "Xamarin Picker with ID-based Binding"
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              by on article "A Comparison Between Flutter And...
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