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              Google Cloud Platform

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              Simple Implementation of Google API IDataStore that use MS-SQL server to store your token file
              by Vince Chan
              Bootswatch Theme Preview Google Chrome Extension
              by Keith Holloway
              SSL Connection Error when debugging via Localhost in Google Chrome
              by Programming Tutorials by Tests4Geeks
              Angular Google Maps is a set of directives that integrate Google Maps in an AngularJS application. It makes using Google Maps in such an application very easy as you don't need to know the Google Maps API in order to use it.

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              How to review changes to notes in Google docs by sending them to mailbox
              by Rob Kraft
              A lot of small teams could use reminder emails when it is time for a team member to perform a task, but there are not a lot of products where you can easily set up reminder emails for team members for free. But you can do it easily with a Google Sheet. Building on the [&#8230;]
              by adriancs
              A simple solution to update the IP address that binds to a domain purchased in Google Domains
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              Simple cloud Functions written by desktop programmer


              by on technical blog "Retrieving Email From Google,...
              by on technical blog "Is it worth persevering with...
              by on technical blog "Changes to my notes in google...
              by on technical blog "Is it worth persevering with...
              by on technical blog "SSL Connection Error When...

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