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              Desktop Development » Edit Controls

              Edit Controls

              Great Reads

              by Edwyn Amador
              Handles and validates input typing and pressed keys in TextBox, RichTextBox and ComboBox, displaying custom balloon tips messages
              by Johnny J.
              Easily add image cropping to your desktop application
              by Deepak_Sharma_
              This article will show how to create an auto-suggest TextBox that will suggest data from a SQL Server database column.
              by gUrM33T
              How to subclass an edit control in MFC so that it accepts numeric values only

              Latest Articles

              by Jovibor
              HexCtrl is a very featured Hex viewer/editor control written with C++/MFC library.
              by Claudio Nicora
              An extended NumericUpDown control with better focus and mouse wheel management.
              by siliconvideo
              This StringBox control implements keystroke validation using regular expressions and a touch of glue logic
              by Michael Haephrati
              How to set write direction and alignment


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