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              Great Reads

              by Dan Peverill
              A managed DirectX class library that can be used as a foundation for basic 2D games. Demo included.
              by CMalcheski
              How to Create a Complete DirectX Game in Assembly Language
              by Greg Rezansoff
              This brief article describes how to use managed Direct3D to render texture bitmaps with alpha channels and transparency key colours onto vertices in C# with the aid of a MatrixStack.
              by DeltaEngine
              Normal maps are used for realtime 3D rendering (mostly in games) to improve the visual quality, but compressing them makes the 3D content look ugly, this tool helps to fix that problem.

              Latest Articles

              by LeisureBamboo
              In this article, you will see the steps required to simultaneously play multiple midi file from memory using MCI functions.
              by EgorYusov
              Introduction to amplification and mesh shaders, the new programmable stages available in modern GPUs, and how to use them to implement view frustum culling and object LOD selection on the GPU using the Diligent Engine API
              by EgorYusov
              This article introduces Diligent Engine, a modern cross-platform graphics API abstraction library and rendering framework
              by Shao Voon Wong
              Direct2D Tutorial on Linear and Radial Gradient Brush


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