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              Desktop Development » Dialogs and Windows

              Dialogs and Windows

              Great Reads

              by Qwertie
              It has 41 features in about 1000 lines of code* - but only 3 lines are needed to parse the expressions you type in. Uses WinForms, BackgroundWorker, GDI+ and LES.
              by peterchen
              Do your users a favor - add snapping edges to MDI child windows (or anywhere else).
              by Nish Nishant
              A wrapper class for SHFormatDrive (XP/2K only). Corrects some errors in KB article Q173688
              by Bruno Tabbia
              Automatic positioning and resizing of explorer windows, without overlapping (for obsessive superusers)

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              by #realJSOP
              Finally, a customizable MessageBox for WPF applications
              by Ayush Swiss
              C++, WebView2, Edge Browser, Edge in MFC application
              by Shao Voon Wong
              Windows Toast Notification in C++
              by Padanian
              Updating user interface in WPF with simple one-way binding


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