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              Great Reads

              by Wonde Tadesse
              This tip/trick helps to set a default value for blob data type such as Image, VarBinary.
              by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
              Mapping properties in EF model to database columns that contain JSON
              by Mubin M. Shaikh
              Create time dimension with 24 hour plus values and time buckets in your data warehouse
              by Daniel Miller
              This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance user/role security principal hierarchy.

              Latest Articles

              by Member 15040378
              A complete guide to learn how and when to use triggers with a Postgres database
              by #realJSOP
              A tool to generate model and viewmodel classes directly from your selected database
              by Yuancai (Charlie) Ye
              Application of SocketPro onto various databases for continuous inline request/result batching and real-time stream processing with bi-directional asynchronous data transferring
              by Igor Krupitsky
              Tool to migrate MS Access Queries to SQL Server


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