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              by Marc Clifton
              Talk to your rPi over a Slack channel, getting status, controlling devices, and running shell (bash) commands and viewing the console output posted back to your Slack channel
              by Akhil Mittal
              In this article, we’ll discuss how to create a real-time chatbot using Amazon Lex Services and deploy the bot over Facebook messenger.
              by Akhil Mittal
              Your first Chatbot using Microsoft’s Bot Framework and Dialog Flow API: Day 1 (Dialogflow and Slack Integration)
              by Vincent Maverick Durano
              The new version of ApiBoilerPlate has recently been released. In this post, we will take a look at the new features added to the template.

              Latest Articles

              by Shao Voon Wong
              This is a proof of concept (POC) that C++ on desktop and Emscripten can share the same UI code.
              by amitp_naik
              WhiteApp or QuickApp API solution template built on Onion Architecture
              by amitp_naik
              How to document ASP.NET Core API using OpenAPI / Swagger
              by Rajesh Pillai
              An overview of building REST API using Deno and Oak


              by on article "Your First Chatbot using Microsoft’s...
              by on article "Whiteapp ASP.NET Core using Onion...
              by on article "Whiteapp ASP.NET Core using Onion...
              by on article "O-Data Rest API in .NET with Entity...
              by on article "Bring Your C++ OpenGL Code to the Web"

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