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              Tools and IDE

              Great Reads

              by Tom Chantler
              UPDATE: 2015-07-30 - Works correctly in Windows 10 RTM (10.0.10240) with VS2013 and VS2015 - If you're running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and you don't want to disable User Account Control (UAC) - which you shouldn't and quite possibly can't in a corporate environment - then you get an annoying prompt
              by NuttingCDEF
              VS2010 *was* painfully slow - now fixed!
              by Kewin Rausch
              A tool for translating C/C++ makefile projects in Visual Studio compatible ones
              by KenBeckett
              Creating a CodeDOM for C#

              Latest Articles

              by PachisiaVikas
              Know the steps to quickly set up a secure remote debugging environment and boost your productivity
              by honey the codewitch
              This is a very specialized tool that generates source code to upload files into SPIFFS on an ESP32
              by sdancer75
              A graphical time line editor to help you create and prototype animations. It is useful for adjusting variables and checking out how the effects change over time with keyframing and easing/twining functions.
              by Ahmed Bouchefra
              Deleting remote and local branches from your Git repositories


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              by on tip/trick "Spiffsgen: A Code Generation Based...
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              by on article "Setting Up Python Development...

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